If the forecast holds true, this Saturday will be the hottest day of the year for Steinbach.

Currently, that title belongs to June 20th, when the mercury climbed to 34.8 degrees Celsius. Environment Canada is calling for a high of 35 degrees on Saturday.

Meteorologist Samantha Mauti says whether or not it reaches that high is to be determined, however, she notes they are fairly confident that it will be anywhere between 31 and 35 degrees on Saturday. 

Meanwhile, Mauti explains that a low-pressure system is starting to spin up in Alberta. Ahead of that system will be some smoke pushing into southern Manitoba for Friday evening. But Mauti says though this could create poor air quality, the smoky conditions should be short-lived and move out of the region by Saturday afternoon. 

As mentioned, Saturday is expected to be 35 degrees under a sunny sky. Mauti says Sunday is not expected to be quite so hot but should still reach 30 degrees with sunshine. 

Then for Monday, Mauti says that low-pressure system should start to move into southern Manitoba. That will bring the possibility of precipitation as early as Sunday overnight and into Monday. 

"Don't cancel your plans just yet," she says. "Right now, we have 30 per cent chance of showers in the forecast for Monday and it is looking more like hit-and-miss showers right now."

Mauti explains that right now they are not forecasting a significant amount of precipitation for Monday, though Tuesday could see some higher amounts. 

Prior to the long weekend, Mauti says there is a possibility of showers and thunderstorms for southern Manitoba on both Thursday and Friday. This is resulting in windy conditions on Thursday. 

Meanwhile, as we turn the calendar to September on Friday, we hit the month where the threat of frost becomes a real possibility. However, Mauti says overnight lows for the next week are all still double digits. The normal low for this time of year is nine degrees. 


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