After serving the R.M. of La Broquerie for eight years as councillor, Ivan Normandeau now has the keys to municipality. 

Normandeau garnered 890 votes and unseated Lewis Weiss who picked up 635. Before leaving the municipal office Wednesday night, Lewis offered his congratulations to Normandeau and handed over the keys to the office.

Lewis Weiss hands keys to Ivan Normandeau.Newly elected Reeve Ivan Normandeau (left) accepts a congratulatory handshake from Lewis Weiss, who also hands Normandeau the keys to the office.

 “It feels very good,” says Normadeau, adding that it was a long couple of months campaigning. 

During the campaign, Normandeau says he heard ratepayers talk about issues that are important to them. 

“We have to improve our roads and drainage and have a plan in place,” he says. “So, that’s something we’ll for sure focus on right off the bat, to fix the roads and drainage. Like everything else, we’ve got to keep our taxes as low as possible.” 

Walking trails were also discussed. Normandeau says they are a big hit. 

“We need to keep on doing the walking trails in the rural area, and the Marchand area, that’s for sure,” he says. 

Normandeau says he learned a lot during his time as Deputy Reeve. 

“You have to listen to everybody, not just listen to two people around the table,” he says. “Listen to everyone around the table, and listen to their opinions and value what they believe in.” 

Also elected in the R.M. of La Broquerie, incumbent Darrell Unger with newcomers Andy Loewen and Benno Friesen will represent Ward 1. The three elected councillors for Ward 2 are incumbents Laurent Tetrault and Paul Gauthier, with Fernand Piché