The Steinbach Fire Department is now hiring, and one of the firefighters is especially focused on encouraging women to apply.

Jayde Gryba has been with the department for a few years now and she loves her job.

One of the most special moments for her, hearing that she is inspiring young girls to dream of fighting fires. Gryba heard a mother say that she and her daughter had been across the street from the fire hall when they spotted Gryba, rolling up fire hose. The little girl then turned to her mom and said, “I want to be like her.”

“That actually melted my heart,” Gryba says. “I was like, that is another reason why I do this job. Because I want to inspire little girls around town too, it’s possible. It’s not just men who do it. Right?”

Gryba is often asked if she is ever afraid to run into a burning building while everyone else is running out. She says the strong training program gives you the confidence and information you need to handle the situation in a safe manner.

The department will hold a hiring information day on October 2nd from 9am to 5pm.