There is an empty spot at the Mennonite Heritage Village where the tipi used to be. 

It had been raised a couple of weeks ago but was only up for a few days. 

Development Coordinator Nathan Dyck explains what happened. 

“When we were setting it up the other week, we noticed there was a bit of canvas damage. When we were pulling the canvas taut, there were some rips that formed. With the high winds and everything, we wanted to make sure those rips wouldn’t develop any further.” 

He notes there was also an issue with the poles. 

“We thought for now, the best thing would be to pull it down, and try to rectify those issues. We’re hoping to have it up later in the summer.” 

If they can’t get it ready for this summer, Dyck is hopeful they’ll have it back on the grounds for next year. 

The tipi acknowledged the shared history of Indigenous People and Mennonite settlers. 

@steinbach_online Darryl Buck and Aiden Charlette set up the tipi that is now located on the grounds of the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach #tipi #indigenous #steinbach #manitoba ♬ bounce (i just wanna dance) - фрози & joyful