It sounds promising for the Ste. Anne arena to open on time this year. 

Last year, necessary repairs delayed the arena opening and there was concern that the rink would have to close this year due to expensive repairs necessary at the aging facility. 

The town and surrounding communities worked together this spring and raised enough money to cover the costs. 

Council recently received details on how repairs are coming along at the Maurice Chaput Arena. 

“The last update I got was that everything was ordered and expected on time,” says Mayor Yvan St. Vincent. 

Back in February, arena stakeholders and users from the town and surrounding area heard of the financial concerns with repairing and maintaining the arena. From that meeting, a recreation steering committee was formed which includes residents from outside the town.

Since then, Ste. Anne won $25,000 through the Kraft Hockeyville competition and received grants as well as monetary donations to make sure the arena would be in good condition for another winter. 

There was also a lot of support through some community fundraising events this spring. 

With the money secured, parts have been ordered to make some repairs that are necessary to get the ice surface ready.

Exterior of the Ste. Anne ArenaThe Maurice Chaput Arena is expected to open on time this fall for the start of the hockey season.

“In COVID and post COVID times, things have often been delayed for equipment and stuff, but we have been assured that everything’s on time,” St. Vincent reports. 

When he received this update, St. Vincent was relieved. 

“Especially with the rally that we had in late spring, it’s critical that we get open on time so that we continue the momentum that we got,” he says. 

Registration is underway for Ste. Anne Minor Hockey, and according to their website, they expect to hit the ice by mid-September.