A producer in the southeast is unhappy.
It's a harvest, and it's early but it's still not the bumper crop they really needed.  John and Mary Wiebe run a mixed beef, hog and grain farm with their son stan southwest of Steinbach.  Stan just finished combining two row barley yesterday and says it's not very good this year.  The quality is ok but the quantity and weight isn't there.  It'll be used as feed for their hogs.  Wiebe feels with the left overs from previous years and the little they get this year there should be just enough to get them through till next harvest.   The farm also grows wheat, canola, sunflowers and alfalfa.  Wiebe notes with the exception of first cut alfalfa, which was pretty good, there wasn't enough moisture to bring any of the crops to a decent yield.  Next on his harvest plate is canola which should be ready in about a week.  Followed by sunflowers about a month later.