Street sweepers are expected to hit the five communities in the Rural Municipality of Hanover this weekend.

Wes Fehr is Manager of Public Work and Operations. He notes weather permitting, they should be rolling into Blumenort and New Bothwell Friday evening. Then on Saturday, they will move to Mitchell and Kleefeld. They will complete the job on Sunday in Grunthal.

Fehr says their Public Works team has already been cleaning up the boulevards and intersections within Hanover. He notes these areas have a lot of sand accumulation from ice control in winter. 

"We try to get that pulled back up so we can clean it up off the grass," he says.

Fehr notes what they are noticing is that there is less sand to clean up this year than in years past. He says this lines up with their knowledge of how much sand they went through over the winter. 

As for the street sweeping, the work is contracted out. Fehr says the company they use will send a fleet of sweepers into the municipality and try to get all five communities cleaned in one weekend. 

According to Fehr, if the weather does not cooperate, they will schedule the job for the following weekend. Because they try and finish the entire municipality in one weekend, Fehr says he is not sure if they would attempt a partial job, and at least try and hit a couple of communities to at least get those done. 

He explains that the sand, gravel, and everything else collected by the street sweepers is reused within the municipality. Fehr says they will find a place within the community or municipality that is looking for fill material.

If residents notice street sweepers moving into their community, Fehr says it is always appreciated if they can remove their parked vehicles or trailers from the street. This allows the sweepers to do a better job, ensuring they can clean the entire street. 

Meanwhile, Fehr says once the street sweepers have done their job, crews will be going around making repairs to sod and grass from winter plowing damage. He notes this will happen over the next month. Fehr says their crews will make a round through each community, locating areas that need to be repaired. However, residents are also invited to notify the municipality of damaged areas.