While growth has slowed a bit in the Hanover School Division, Superintendent Shelley Amos reports a continued increase in the student population. 

“In the last month, (the increase) was approximately 100 students. So, we're at 8,725 students when we budgeted for 8,418. So, we're 307 students over budget as of November 30th.” 

She expects the student numbers will continue to climb for the rest of the year. 

“Our kindergarten numbers and our lower grade numbers are higher than some of our grade 11’s and 12’s that we'll be leaving us in a year or two. So that means growth happens just by attrition that way.” 

While immigration has also slowed down, that is also playing a role in additional students, she says. 

“Growth is a good thing for the Hanover School Division,” Amos adds. “Growth always brings challenges with it but they're good challenges to have and we anticipate that we're just going to continue to grow.” 

Student enrollment at the Steinbach Regional Secondary School is hovering around the 2,000 mark which is 200 below capacity at that school. 

“Right now, we have 1,995 students, so we fluctuate there a little bit,” says Amos. “We were over 2,000 to begin the year. It's taken a little bit of a dip right now, but again it's sort of a bit of a roller coaster. We always have some transiency and immigration happening. So those numbers do go up and down. And that is something that the board and senior admin are aware of. We're watching that number and taking a look at that, having some conversations about that.” 


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