For the second day in a row, Hanover School Division cancelled classes today. On Tuesday, it was because of the winter storm, but with the winds dying down last night, some have questioned the reason for today's cancellation.

Rob Warkentin is Director of Transportation. He says today's decision had everything to do with road conditions. He notes a lot of snow had accumulated on roads and if they had operated buses this morning, they would certainly have run into problems.

Warkentin notes the highways may have been fine, but it was the country roads that were problematic. And, he says the ones that were particularly bad were the ones running east/ west and those in the northern part of the division.

"Out in the open areas there's some significant drifting," adds Warkentin. "Some of those places I don't think the plows have had a chance to get at yet."

Warkentin says he expects plows will hit the country roads today and then classes will resume tomorrow. Because of last week's remote learning, most students in Hanover School Division have been in class exactly one day since Christmas.