The Fire Chief for Hanover says it was a busy weekend for his crews.

Firefighters woke up Saturday morning to a call of a structure fire southeast of Grunthal. Paul Wiebe says shortly after 3 am, they responded to Road 26 North, approximately one mile south and two and a half miles east of Grunthal.

"When crews arrived they had a fire inside a house," says Wiebe. "All occupants had exited the house and evacuated."

Crews extinguished the fire and though the structure is still standing, Wiebe says the entire interior is destroyed.

"It's all blackened and quite bad," he says.

The Office of the Fire Commissioner has ruled the fire accidental and has given a damage estimate of about $200,000.

Then, Saturday at approximately 2:30 pm, their crews responded to a grass and trash fire. Again, the call came from Road 26 North, this time it was just east of Pansy Road.

"When we arrived, there was fire across an entire yard that had a lot of vehicles and had a lot of stuff stored," explains Wiebe.

He notes the owner had been grinding equipment and some sparks led to the fire, even though the owner had taken all of the necessary precautions. Though no buildings were lost in the fire, Wiebe says a lot of older vehicles were destroyed.

"Some fuel cans and a lot of things that could have been a hazard to our firefighters were destroyed," he notes.

Wiebe adds their crews from Kleefeld attended this call as well.

While firefighters were still at this call, reports came in for a motor vehicle collision, also along Road 26 North, west of Grunthal Park. Wiebe says it was a crash between a car and ATV. The ATV driver was rushed to hospital with injuries. Wiebe says there is no additional information.

And finally, Sunday night, also on Road 26 North and east of Provincial Road 216, crews responded to a vehicle in the ditch south of Grunthal. Wiebe notes there were no injuries, but the vehicle was flipped on its side and burning. RCMP are investigating.