Harvest is wrapping up across the province, and for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank they have seen hundreds of thousands of acres come off the fields and into grain bins and elevators, all to support the eradication of hunger throughout the world.

In this year's season of harvest there were close to 4000 acres farmed in Manitoba for the Foodgrains bank says Gordon Janzen, Regional Rep for Manitoba. "Wheat, canola and soybeans are the main ones."

Across our province there are almost 40 community groups raising money for the Foodgrains Bank. Not all of those are growing projects as some have had fundraiser dinners, community auctions, social events, choir concerts and other ideas that fit their community.  In fact, almost half of their community projects are actual crop grow projects.

"Singing in the Rain concert is coming up at the end of October," notes Janzen. "So, there's a lot of variety."

"With the increasing number of hungry people, globally, this is so appreciated that people remember that there are many people in our world who experience hunger, and we just appreciate that support," he adds.

The Canadian Foodgrain Bank is an association of 15 national church agencies that work together. 

"So, we support those member agencies who work with our international partners," he explains.  "The funds are raised here in Canada are those funds are matched in some way by funds from the Canadian government. The core grant is up to $25 million a year.  And we've had other grant monies from the Canadian government as well. So, that has expanded our capacity, and we really appreciate the support from the constituencies and from the federal government."

"Our program budget has increased over the last year," adds Janzen. "But it has also been overwhelmed by the numerous hunger crises in the world.  We really are experiencing a hunger crisis in several countries, especially in East Africa right now."

"The causes for that are several, but conflict is a big driver of that. We know the Ukraine-Russia war, but there are other conflicts that are displacing people, which we don't always hear about.  Climate extremes of drought and flooding also are displacing people."

"As a Christian response to hunger, we hear about the many reports of millions of people experiencing hunger, but I think we also want to remember that behind each of those numbers is a person; a person who is made in the image of God and deserves to have enough, just like we have enough. So, we reach out as best we can."

"So, those are the conditions that our member agencies are responding to and so support from all the projects across Manitoba really makes a big difference!"


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