The Pistons with all the kids in the community -- enjoying the evening at "The Chez Koop Colesseum"

It was like the good ol' days. Everyone in skates, pucks everywhere, moms and dads watching and staying warm around the fire and just having fun!! Fresh air, great friends and hockey!! If you listen to the AM1250 Morning Show -- you've heard me talk about our backyard rink from time to time. Well, now that it's up and running -- we held a "Grand Opening" last night. What a great way to bring the community together!! Mayor Chris Goertzen stopped by to share a few words about how community rinks are amazing for exactly that "community", for staying active and for our city. Head coach of the Steinbach Pistons Paul Dyck brought some of his players - including their goalie to play with the kids and not only was that a highlight but they honestly seemed to be having a lot of fun and stayed for quite awhile. I heard one of them say that it brought back memories for them too. Hey, back yard rinks -- where friendships are made and where some dreams are born. You gotta love winter in Manitoba!!