The Steinbach and Area Garden Club is getting ready to celebrate 25 years in the community. 

Celebration events will take place next year, but the planning will soon get underway. 

At the club’s June meeting, a call went out to look for volunteers to organize events that will mark the special occasion. 

The club began with Fred Kaita leading the way. 

Along the newly developed wellness path at the museum, there is a bench honouring Kaita and his contributions to the garden club.

Dirk Willems Peace Garden.Members of the Steinbach and Area Garden Club volunteered to plant all the perennials at the Dirk Willems Peace Garden.

With a growing number of members from Steinbach as well as surrounding communities, the club is active with volunteering at the Mennonite Heritage Village. 

Members were involved in the creation of the Dirk Willems Peace Garden located on the museum grounds. They planted 741 perennials around the statue, located on the south side of the museum grounds. 

The club also helps with the demonstration garden at the museum, growing vegetables, fruit and herbs to show visitors the traditional Mennonite garden. 

Elsie Kathler and Anne Peters in the museum garden.Elsie Kathler and Anne Peters, members of the Steinbach and Area Garden Club.

Elsie Kathler says she joined the garden club many years ago as a way to meet people with common interests. She has found friendship and inspiration from fellow gardeners.

Garden club members meeting.At the June meeting, Steinbach and Area Garden Club members gathered for a salad and dessert potluck before touring the grounds at Mennonite Heritage Village, learning about different plants. A call went out for volunteers to help plan special events for next year to mark the club's 25th anniversary.

At the June meeting, gardeners and friends gathered for a salad and dessert potluck. When they toured the museum grounds to learn about different plants, they were instructed to search for gnomes hidden in the plants. Each gnome signified a prize for the finder.

Gerald St. Laurent took to the stage after the meal. His songs filled the pavilion, bringing smiles to an appreciative audience.

Gerald St. Laurent.Gerald St. Laurent provided the entertainment at the June meeting for the Steinbach and Area Garden Club.