The Office of the Fire Commissioner and the Ste. Anne Fire Department have provided an update on Tuesday’s structure fire between Richer and the Town of Ste. Anne. 

Ste. Anne Fire Chief Bob Saindon says they were called to a fire on Road 40 East at 11:49 AM. When they arrived, it quickly became apparent that a garage attached to a home was on fire and there was also a grassfire spreading to adjacent yards.

The Richer and La Broquerie Fire Departments were called in to help extinguish the blaze and get the grass fire under control.

Saindon says damage to the garage is quite severe, but the house and its contents only suffered minor smoke and water damage. Nobody was home when the fire started. 

The Office of the Fire Commissioner was called in to investigate and has since determined that the embers from a nearby burn barrel were carried by the wind and ignited some nearby vegetation, which in turn, lit the garage on fire.  

According to the OFC, the fire is ruled accidental, and damage is estimated to be at least $150,000. 

Saindon adds the department was at the site of the fire until around 7:30 PM.

char marks in a lightly forested area.The fire also spread through tall dry grass. Photo credit: Richer Fire Department.

a house can be seen with a small amound of smoke rising