The front steps at Steinbach City Hall are being reconstructed with work starting today, Monday, September 11th. 

Corporate Services Manager for the City of Steinbach, Adam Thiessen, explains their primary concerns, and why they need to be replaced.  

“The edges at the top and the bottom aren't lining up with the sidewalk concrete pads any longer, it's just settled over the years. And they're cracked about every foot or so along the whole length. They were last repaired about 30 years ago, and now it's time to replace them.”  

Cracks in the City Hall steps.

He says the intent is to also tie in the concrete sidewalk at the bottom and top.   

“So it's all tied together and won't settle apart next time.”  

The plan is to have it look the same, but just be in better shape.  

“Still the same design. It just won't be cracked and settled out of place anymore. Just looking forward to having it refreshed and looking good for residents when they come to visit.”  

Thiessen notes the construction will cost around $17,500.   

“We've been saving up the maintenance budget for a couple of years and this year we're able to do it.” 

The City of Steinbach says construction should be complete in one or two weeks.

In the meantime, you can access the front doors to the building by using the wheelchair ramp.

The wheelchair ramp.


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