Her single "The Taxman" continues to find success, she's played great live shows across the province and shared the stage with Petric at the Bert Block Party earlier in the summer. She's planning some new, exciting things for the not-so-distant future plus she's nominated for multiple MCMA Awards. 

2023 has been a great year for Catie St. Germain and it's only going up from here.

St.Germain is nominated in six categories Single Of The Year, Fay Walker Song Of The Year (Songwriters), Fans Choice, and Emerging Artist Award. A fact she still is coming to terms with. "Holy moly. I'm just so humbled. I didn't want to set the bar too high because I didn't want to get my hopes high and be disappointed. But, to be nominated in those categories is just insane. It's such an honor. It validates the work I've been putting in and to be with so many amazing artists I look up to, it's truly special."

'The Taxman' continues to grow in popularity and for St. Germain, to have her song impact someone is the ultimate compliment. "It's a dream come true that people love the song. When people stream it or send videos of themselves listening to it or singing along, it's just so wild to me. It's amazing."

St. Germain talks about some amazing upcoming shows, what the future holds for her as an artist, and a whole lot more. Listen to the Country 107 Morning Show Podcast for the full conversation.