It's KANGAROO meat!!

There's still time to travel around the world with Brass Lantern this week. It's time to head to Australia!! Now, I never thought I'd EVER eat kangaroo -- but I tried it without even knowing it -- and it really tasted amazing!! Very much like the most tender beef tenderloin! I also got to try grilled shrimp on a skewer and we ended up with "Shark and Chips" -- a wonderful variation on "Fish and Chips". Mmmm, if you've ever wanted to go to Australia, now's your chance. Thank you so much to owner Greg Klippenstein for stopping by the AM1250 studio with this amazing food and thank you to Brass Lantern for serving our community with such quality  food for all of these years. We sure are sad to know that the doors will be closing on Sunday night -- and we wish you all the best!! Get your last taste of the Brass Lantern -- and enjoy!

Shark in a sweet chili sauce.