This past weekend snow sat heavy on hydro lines and power outages were seen all over Steinbach and the surrounding area. 

Steinbach Fire Chief Kel Toews says the best way to stay safe during long power outages is to be prepared with a 72-hour kit. 

“You should be able to be self-sufficient for 72 hours and that would be water, battery-operated radio, flashlights, stuff that you're ready in the case of a prolonged power outage. You've got the radio to listen to for more updates on the situation and you can survive for 72 hours.” 

He says that once you have your kit, make sure you check the batteries on a regular-basis. 

“Nothing worse than having your 72-hour kit and finding all your batteries are dead.” 

When the power is out and people can’t cook, they may think of bringing their BBQ inside and using their propane. 

Toews recommends against doing that, as it is dangerous. 

“They are not designed to be indoor, there's danger in terms of fires, there are also carbon monoxide issues, it's not recommended. They are not designed for inside a house, so you shouldn't be using them there.” 

He says you would need to open the windows for ventilation since fans require electricity, but that wouldn't be a great idea as it would let heat escape.

“You're better off closing up your house tight, and it should stay warm. Especially like this last weekend. It wasn't down to –30, so around the zero mark or even down to –10, your house can stay warm for quite some time. You're better off getting a blanket and curling up, if you got a fireplace, then start the fireplace.” 

To get more information on the 72-hour kit, click here. 

The City of Steinbach is also holding an information session tonight about the City of Steinbach’s Emergency Preparedness Program. 

Attend the session to learn how you can lend a hand and get involved in case of a City-wide emergency. 

“If you've ever been interested in volunteering in the City’s Emergency Preparedness Program, we're looking for volunteers that, for the most part, would help out if there would be an evacuation or if a neighboring community evacuates.” 

They will be explaining what would be involved in being a volunteer in the Emergency Preparedness Program.

Toews notes there will be prizes, as they will be giving away a 72-hour emergency kit. 

If you would like to be a volunteer for the Emergency Preparedness Program in Steinbach or you just want to learn more about it, attend the Emergency Preparedness Program information session tonight, Monday, October 30, at the Steinbach Fire Hall from 6:30-8:30pm. 

No registration required. 


With files from Corny Rempel 


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