During this hot weather, Steinbach Community Outreach is noticing some guests are suffering from dehydration. 

Charlene Kroeker says it would be great to offer them drinks with electrolytes, like Gatorade, because electrolytes are helpful for people who are forced to spend a lot of time in the extreme heat. 

The organization supports people who are living in poverty and many of them do not have homes where they can cool off. 

Irene Kroeker was recently visiting with a man known as Preacher, and they talked about ways to find relief from this heat. 

Preacher noted that he finds water wherever possible, whether from a creek or an outdoor tap, or a splash park. 

The outreach is looking for donations to help them offer relief to guests. 

“We do try very hard to keep some snacks around,” says Irene Kroeker. “But they are on the more expensive side and so we do have a hard time just trying to keep up with all of that. We don't always have as much as what we would like to have, so if anybody has an extra box of granola bars sitting around or any sort of snacks, definitely if you could bring them in, we would love it.” 

She notes special items like freezies and popsicles would be very much appreciated. 

“That would go over super well. And even other light snacks; crackers and cheese and things that are just more sustainable in the long run.”

Click here to find out how you can donate. 

They are also looking for cool clothing, hats, sunscreen for adults and for children, as well as refillable water bottles. 

Meanwhile, a cooling station can be found at the Pat Porter Active Living Centre in Steinbach.

Audrey Harder sitting on a couch at Pat Porter Active Living Centre.Audrey Harder says there are many comfortable areas at the Pat Porter Active Living Centre where people can get out of the heat and rest.

“We have our air conditioning running,” says Executive Director Audrey Harder. “So, Monday to Friday, during the week we're here from 9:00 till 5pm and Wednesday evenings. You can come in, have a glass of water, have a rest, sit down, stay cool for a while. There's no cost, there's no restrictions, nothing. Any age, anybody can come by, have a seat, we'll even have a chat, maybe even cookies, just to make sure everybody stays cool.” 

Harder notes that some regulars have been coming by more often because their home air conditioner stopped working. 

She welcomes everyone to make use of the cool space, especially during these hot and humid days.

People sitting at a round table and having coffee.Whether it is water or coffee you are after, Coffee time at the Pat Porter Active Living Centre in Steinbach is where you can find a cool and kind atmosphere.