The leader of the Manitoba Conservative Party says it appears the Selinger government wanted to get in and out of the legislature as quickly as possible. The fall sitting wrapped up this week, lasting just 9 days. Hugh McFadyen says very little was accomplished in that time. Premier Greg Selinger says it was important to have the legislature in session soon after the October 4th election, so that the government could unveil its throne speech.   

Meanwhile, the Tories have called for an independent review to be conducted on Manitoba's flood fight this past summer. Premier Selinger says a review will be conducted, but the province will use use its own people. McFadyen says that's not good enough. McFadyen says an independent review would examine everything thoroughly, and make recommendations on how we can avoid some of the mistakes that were made this year.

In other news, last month's provincial election results seem to indicate rural Manitobans were more concerned about the NDP government's approach to BiPole III than were voters in Winnipeg. McFadyen says opposition to the government's west side route resonated more in rural Manitoba than it did in the capitol. He says that's understandable since the west side route will damage some very productive farmland in the province, and seriously impact people's livelihood and property for generations to come. McFayden suggests Winnipeg voters who did have an opinion on the issue sided with most rural Manitobans, and felt the line should run down the east side of Lake Winnipeg.