Temperatures this next week will take a roller coaster ride in southern Manitoba. 

Environment Canada's seven-day forecast for Steinbach shows several extreme temperature swings from one day to the next, but none more extreme than what is expected on Monday.

Meteorologist Kyle McAulay explains that we are currently in a warm sector, ahead of a cold front. As a result, Thursday's forecast high in Steinbach is five degrees. If we reach that high, it will be the warmest day so far this month. 

But then a cold front will move in overnight, dropping temperatures to -13 degrees. The normal low for this time of year is -16 degrees. The colder weather is expected to stick around on Friday, as Environment Canada is calling for a forecast high of -6 degrees, which is normal for February 22nd. 

The roller coaster ride continues Friday night when a warm front will pass through, lifting temperatures to about seven degrees on Saturday. Sunday is also supposed to be above the freezing mark, bringing us to Monday, which looks to be a wild ride for temperatures. Environment Canada is currently calling for a high of 13 degrees on Monday, with a low of -20 degrees Monday night. 

"I'm sure that 13 is a little ambitious," admits McAulay, noting their long-term models tend to be a little less accurate. 

McAulay says there is also a chance of precipitation on Monday which will likely start as rain and then turn to snow as the temperature drops. 

According to McAulay, the middle part of next week should stay cool until temperatures rebound and return to near zero by Friday. 

McAulay credits El Nino for bringing warmer-than-normal weather this winter to southern Manitoba. And, with little snow in the fields to reflect the sunlight, he will not rule out the possibility of us reaching some of the high temperatures being forecast by Environment Canada. 


With files from Sylvia St. Cyr