Emerson-Franklin Reeve, Dave Carlson, is calling the province's latest spring flood update good news. 
According to the latest outlook, issued Tuesday morning, the risk is low along the Red River and its tributaries, and generally low for the Roseau - both of which flow through Carlson's municipality.

"Over the last several years, we've had several floods and some of them, quite damaging. So, to have a year, potentially, because we're not out of the woods yet, with a low flood outlook is welcome news," says Carlson.

Having said that, Carlson is aware that there is the specter of drought because of the low moisture conditions, so he is hoping for a bit more precipitation before it totally melts.

Gradual run-off has started with levels starting to rise along the main stem of the Red River, and while significant precipitation isn't in the forecast for much of Manitoba over the next seven days, officials are keeping a close eye on a potential system it says could bring up to 25 millimetres of precipitation to the United States portion of the Red River basin.

Carlson feels the Red River and Roseau channels have room to take a bit more water.

"We always kind of keep an eye on the United States in the lower basin area because they can get significant amounts of snow and rain. So, you know, it's kind of scary because all of a sudden, boom, you could have a flood coming your way. But right now, things are looking good."

Meantime, the Municipality continues to chip away repairing flood damage sustained in recent years. 

"We're mostly caught up, but there is still always some work to do."

This year, the cemetery dike in Emerson will be rebuilt and Carlson says having a dry spring will help crews get to work sooner.