While residents of Eastgate Drive are looking forward to a shiny new development just west of them, concerns are voiced regarding their own neighbourhood.

During the past few months, La Broquerie council has heard complaints of Eastgate Drive being quite muddy and too narrow. These concerns were raised during public hearings related to the new development that is planned between Eastgate Drive and Steinbach.

e" />Residents of Eastgate Drive have told La Broquerie council that the main road in the development is quite muddy, in spring and after every rainfall.

“I guess, first of all we would go back to the original agreement, and I guess make sure that the road was built to the standards of that day and which I would assume it would have been,” says Weiss. “I would assume we would have had some kind of inspection process. And then go from there and then if it isn't up to snuff, then I guess changes would have to be made.”

He notes the municipality has made changes to standards for rural residential developments. Agreements now include paved streets, sidewalks, streetlights and greenspace, Weiss says.

As for possible improvements, he says it might work to improve the road base and perhaps put down some asphalt.

“I can see that happening in the future with the amount of traffic that’s going to be coming through that area,” Weiss says.

He notes that any improvements would have to be approved by the municipal council.

Meanwhile, Weiss notes the municipality has an online Service Request form that residents can fill out to draw attention to areas requiring service, or residents can ask questions of council members or municipal staff.