A number of medals were awarded to residents in the town of Lorette this week.

The awards were offered by Tache Councillor Armand Poirier.

“Because of the pandemic this year and all of the efforts that people are making, I thought it would be important to mark some of these deeds, explains the councillor”

Poirier says he purchased the medals after the Royal Canadian Mint alerted him to their charitable idea. “100% of the proceeds from the sales of those medals are going to The Breakfast Club,” he informs, “so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

After announcing the initiative on social media, Poirier received a number of nominations and ended up handing out 18 medals.

“They’re all deserving,” says Poirier of the nominations, “but because I had to draw the line somewhere, we went to the front line workers which primarily are the medical workers and police.”

According to Poirier, when presenting the medals most recipients responded by saying they were just doing their jobs. “I find that very honourable,” he offers, “because they are all faced with critical issues.”

Poirier says the gesture was just his way of saying thank you to those that do the heavy lifting in his ward.

“When I made a presentation, for the most part, they were very, deeply touched,” shares Poirier, “which shows me that they’re not often shown the gratitude that they deserve.”