The Walk for Alzheimer’s was held on Wednesday, May 29, and was the first walk since before Covid.  

The walk began at AD Penner Park in Steinbach and was approximately 4 kilometers long with a water break halfway. Snacks and juice were provided after. 

Sierra Dueck, the South Eastman Regional Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba speaks about the walk.  

“We’re having this walk to raise awareness about dementia and to show our support for people with dementia and their families,” says Dueck. “So many people are touched by dementia and so we really want to spread awareness and come together as a community, so we don’t feel alone.” 

She goes on to discuss what the Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba has going on specifically for the Eastman area. 

“We have different support groups in the region going on that you can be a part of. We also have our supportive counseling so you can call in, drop by the office, or e-mail and we can chat. I have access to a lot of resources and a listening ear,” she explains. “Those are some ways that we support families just being that support for people when they don’t know where else to turn.” 

Allison Woodward, the events manager under the provincial office in Winnipeg talks about the importance of the walks. 

“The walk is the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba’s largest fundraiser. We have walks that take place across the province throughout May and June, and it’s a fantastic way to get the community together to show each other that we’re not alone in this dementia journey,” she says. “We are showing that we have the support available for people in the community and it’s a growing issue. Dementia is only growing larger and larger every year so it’s important we hold these events, as many as possible throughout the province.” 

Woodward mentions how crucial volunteering is for the Alzheimer’s Society and says it is easy to register.  

"They can help out with events, but we also have lots of support groups that people can help out with or just things around the office as well on a daily basis.” 

She shares how thankful she is for the volunteers who help during the walks and other events throughout the year. 

“It shows incredible support from the community. Sometimes when you’re working in an office with a small group of people, you don’t necessarily see that support,” she mentions. “When I see family members and friends come out and I get to talk face to face with people, you realize how connected this community is and how much support we have in this area.”  

To volunteer or get more information on The Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba and upcoming events, visit

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