The streets of Steinbach were dotted with bright yellow this weekend for the annual Pick Up and Walk event. 

Steinbach and area residents gathered at the T.G. Smith Centre for the second year of the event since the two-year hiatus. Volunteers collected garbage along ditches, city streets and parks. 

Organizers Martin Gunter and Mallory Dyck say the 20 churches and groups signed up brings the number to 1,143 volunteers cleaning up the city.  

“It’s absolutely incredible to see people come together and be the hands and feet of Jesus moving our community, cleaning it up,” Gunter says. 

Mayor Earl Funk says that with over 1000 volunteers picking up garbage for two hours, the community is committing to over 2000 hours of volunteer work. 

Volunteers ended the morning with a hotdog and burger lunch. 

With files from Adi Loewen.

Check out the photos from this year’s Pick Up and Walk: