A storm system that turned Saskatchewan into a winter wonderland, brought only rain and thunderstorms to southern Manitoba.

Sara Hoffman with Environment Canada says most areas in southern Manitoba received between 20 and 25 millimetres of rain overnight in the form of thunderstorms. The heaviest precipitation was reported in St. Lazare where about 43 millimetres of rain fell. Waskada received 36 millimetres, while the Winnipeg airport reported 33 millimetres. In Steinbach, about 16 millimetres of rain fell.

It is a different story for our neighbours to the west. Hoffman says Regina is reporting about 12 centimetres of snow, while our friends in Moose Jaw received anywhere from 25 to 40 centimetres.

"That really speaks to the strength of this low-pressure system swinging up from the United States," explains Hoffman. 

As of Monday morning, Hoffman says Manitoba is still in the warm sector of that low pressure system. As the day progresses, there is still the chance of more shower activity and some isolated thunderstorms, but the temperature will gradually drop. The mercury will fall to 5 degrees Monday afternoon and then an overnight low of -1. 

"Things will be a lot cooler because that cold front will swing through with that normal air for this time of year," she adds.

Southeastern Manitoba can expect rain mixed with snow Monday night. But Hoffman says they are not anticipating the snow to accumulate as it will likely melt upon impact with the ground. The same cannot be said for northern Manitoba where Hoffman says some pretty good snowfall amounts are expected in Thompson and all the way up to Churchill.

The normal high for this time of year is 8 degrees. Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be quite a bit cooler than that with daytime highs of only +2 and +3 degrees respectively. However, by Thursday we should see a return to normal temperatures and then double-digit highs for the weekend. 

Meanwhile, Hoffman says all of the snow west of the Manitoba/ Saskatchewan border has created some difficult driving conditions. She encourages anyone planning a trip out west, to delay their departure until Tuesday.