A Steinbach city councillor feels it's time to do something about the traffic situation on Hespeler Street at the intersection with Loewen Boulevard. Jac Siemens says it has become a real problem, especially at peak times when people are going to and from work.

"I got caught in two traffic jams in Steinbach, surprisingly, or not. That intersection gets a lot of traffic and especially traffic going out in the morning and traffic coming in in the afternoon. I was backed up (on northbound Hespeler) to past Lyndhurst. I couldn't move from the stop sign because of the traffic flow that was coming into town. I'm sitting there and thinking; Who can do something about this? I think that would be a critical intersection for us to look at."

Siemens notes this situation developed after the city paved Old Tom Road last summer. He says many people are now choosing that route instead of travelling on Highway #12. Siemens says council has asked city staff to do a study and come back with recommendations.

"They're going to do a traffic count and a survey. Then, that information will come to council and we'll make a determination as to exactly what we can do to improve traffic flows."