Steinbach Community Outreach received a cheque for $1,803 on Wednesday, August 1, after the Taste of Summer Charity Barbecue.

“Outreach is a place where people can come in and get help with basic needs like food and clothing. It’s also a place where people can come hang out and build community,” explains the Drop-In Center’s Director Myra Gerbrandt.

Outreach receives cheque for $1,803.55Gerbrandt notes that, unfortunately, homelessness is an issue Outreach constantly faces. She indicates that the money raised at the barbecue will go directly towards helping one or two homeless people transition into housing.

“We want to keep helping as many people as we can," says Gerbrandt, "and we rely on people’s donations in order to meet the needs that are growing in our area.”

Gerbrandt comments: “It was so awesome to have people that know about Outreach there specifically to support us, and it was awesome to have people there that don’t know about us so we can tell them about who we are and build that community.” She adds donations are always appreciated so she was extremely grateful to all who came out and supported the cause.

SCO Volunteers and public enjoy BBQ food