Yesterday City crews were seen replacing the Canada flags along the highway. 

Russ Dyck, Parks and Recreation Manager for the City of Steinbach, says it's a replacement they do on an annual basis. 

“Over the course of the year, the flag is going to wear from all the wind we get in the prairies here, so we replace them every year.” 

One of the damaged Canada flags that got replaced yesterday.One of the damaged Canada flags that got replaced yesterday.

He says it typically takes about a day to replace all the flags along the highway. 

“It depends on a little bit in terms of traffic and the wind. We try to put them up when it's not too windy.” 

Steinbach has had Canada flags along the streetlamps on Highway 12 for upwards of 25 years. 

“They're out there in our prairie winds and the ends kind of get tattered over time. We like to replace them before they aren't looking the greatest, so we do it on an annual basis. I think we have 38 flags up there on the North end of the City on Highway 12.” 

Dyck notes that besides the flags along the Highway, they also fly a big flag at City Hall, and they have a few flying at the plaza by the T.G. Smith Arena.

“The big flag at City Hall gets replaced about every six months, and that one we send in for repairs to get refurbished. It takes a lot more wind up there too, it’s a big piece of fabric so it has to withstand a lot of wind pressure.”