The Local Urban District committee of Blumenort has decided to keep its mill rate unchanged for another year.

Chair Kevin Medeiros says they have approved their service plan for 2024. The total budgeted expenditure for this year is $522,217. The committee has decided to keep the mill rate at 4.255 mills.

"That's what we've kept for the last couple of years," says Medeiros. "With some of the increases coming, we felt it would benefit our residents the most by trying to keep our mill rate the same and continue on."

It should be noted that this is only for the LUD portion of the tax bill.

The LUD committee has identified five capital projects, totalling $174,000 that it would like to complete in 2024. The most expensive project will see the installation of a community welcome sign at the east entrance. The anticipated cost is $90,000.

There are also three sidewalk projects being planned this year. At a cost of $40,000, the plan is to install a concrete sidewalk from Harvest Bay to Stoney Creek Drive. Another concrete sidewalk will be constructed from Stoney Creek Drive to Friesen Drive at a cost of $22,500. The final concrete sidewalk will be built from Edgemont Place to the greenspace at a cost of $16,500.

One final project will see a fence installed around the Rockridge lift station. This will cost about $5,000.

The Blumenort LUD committee also intends to contribute $26,801 to its reserve this year. The current balance of the reserve is $464,348. The anticipated balance at the end of the year is $478,649.

Medeiros says the Blumenort LUD committee will be holding a joint annual general meeting with the rec committee this year. It will take place on April 22nd at 7 pm at the fire hall. 

Meanwhile, he says 2024 also marks 150 years for their community. Celebrations will be held in conjunction with their Fun and Fair weekend September 6th and 7th.