There was an interesting encounter earlier this week in the industrial park on the west side of Steinbach. 

Jon Sawatzky of Loewen Windows says some employees were taken by surprise Tuesday evening while they were outside. 

“We had a special visitor that showed up, it was a black bear that made a guest appearance, a very brief one, showed up on the east side of our building and property. It was quickly here and quickly gone.” 

Sawatzky says it was unexpected and somewhat startling. 

“We have an outbuilding that’s located right in that location, and it went around the corner. There were people enjoying the nice weather outside and saw this bear show up, kind of got a little spooked and then ran around the corner.” 

@steinbach_online On Tuesday April 7th, a black bear was spotted between Loewen Windows and Peavey Mart. #bear #blackbear #wildlife #steinbach #steinbach ♬ original sound - SteinbachOnline

-With files from Corny Rempel