After much urging for a dialysis program for Steinbach, Bob Barrow says he finally heard some good news last week.

On Wednesday, a delegation from Southern Health met with council for the Rural Municipality of Hanover to inform them that the Manitoba Renal Program now acknowledges the need for kidney dialysis in Steinbach. Southern Health must now work with the province to review the program proposal.

(Bob Barrow)"It is very positive," says Barrow, noting it is not just one machine being considered for Steinbach but an entire clinic with multiple dialysis machines.

"That's going to benefit a lot of people in the southeast, if and when it comes through," he says.

For the last two years, Barrow has been regularly driving an elderly gentleman to Winnipeg for the service. In that time, he has learned of many other residents from the southeast who are making the trek to Seven Oaks, St. Boniface, Health Sciences Centre or even Selkirk for the service.

In May, Barrow put out a plea for people to contact local politicians to voice their concerns for this lack of service in Steinbach.

"I just sort of stirred the waters and then it kind of grew from there," says Barrow. "There was a lot of support from people in the area."

Barrow says the people of the southeast followed through with sending letters and emails to their MLA and Health Minister.

"It worked out well," he says. "I'm happy."

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