Michelle Neufeld with Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue (SAAR) is pumped to announce the pot for Chase the Ace is currently at $17,298.50. 

So far, the rescue has set up at the Smitty’s lounge in Steinbach for 22 Mondays, as 22 cards have been drawn. 

The ace of spades is yet to be found with 32 cards left. 

Neufeld says Chase the Ace was foreign to her before they started up the fundraiser for the animal rescue. 

“Honestly, I didn't even know what a 'Chase the Ace’ was until we started having one, and it is so much fun. I've been there every Monday except one, and it's just fun seeing the same people come every Monday and supporting us.” 

She says knowing the rescue has regular supporters speaks to the generosity of our community. 

"It's actually a little bit mind boggling for me that a lot of regulars show up every Monday, and they spend a decent amount of money,” she says. “They just want to support the cause and we're just very grateful to have so many supporters in this community.”  

Neufeld says every night is a blast. 

"We have pretty much tasted all of Smitty's menu already because we eat there every Monday. We just have a lot of fun with it.” 

She’s very pleased with how fast the pot is growing, but at the same time, is hoping for it to get much higher. 

“I hope it gets up to like $50,000, but you just never know. Someone could take the ace next week, so it's hard to say.” 

She would love for it to go on as long as possible, and a lot of their supporters do as well. 

“When their ticket gets pulled and they come up, they're almost like they don't want to pick the ace because they want it to keep on going.” 

Supporters are glad when they don’t pull the ace, because every time that ace isn't pulled, the rescue has another Monday to raise even more money. 

People are so generous that when they pick a card and are able to receive 10 percent of ticket sale earnings that night, often they donate it straight back to the rescue. 

“It just shows how needed we are in the community, and how much people support us and appreciate everything that we do. It's just very rewarding.” 

You can support SAAR by participating in Chase the Ace tonight, or on any other Monday. 

Tickets are on sale from 6pm-8pm. Ticket draw is at 8:15pm. 

Neufeld says there are many other ways to help out SAAR as well. 

“You can sign up to be a foster, you can adopt from us, you can just share our posts on social media, you can donate through our website. Just spreading the word supports us tremendously.”