A long time listener of AM1250, Radio Laura Vanderlinden called in on Wednesday and had a very interesting view on Remembrance Day. Vanderlinden had previously  heard Michelle Sawatsky, Al Friesen and Jayme Giesbrecht talk during their morning show about remembering Canadian soldiers giving their lives for all of the Canadians.

Now Vanderlinden who is originally from Holland, would like to add to that statement. She says the Canadian Soldiers did not only help Canada, but she adds they also helped so many countries in Europe that were occupied by the German soldiers. She was 11 years old at the end of the Second World War and when they could see the Canadians coming she says it was such a joy. They were very hungry people in the Amsterdam area and Vanderlinden believes that Canadian soldiers saved their lives.

She explains prior to Canadian forces delivering them from the war, she wasn't even allowed to live in Amsterdam. Most of the kids from the city were put in the rural areas surrounding the city. There, they either lived with farmers or relatives to be fed and kept safe just in case Amsterdam would have been bombed.

In the small village where Vanderlinden was staying, Canadians had set up a small fort. She tells us on a Sunday afternoon, the men invited all the young children into their camp to show them all the stuff they had, on top of treating them to chocolate and juice. They were so delighted that they were there.

Vanderlinden has now been living in Canada for over 40 years and she says one of the main reasons why she and her husband chose Canada, was in fact because the Canadians delivered them from the war.