Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) President Kam Blight sat down with premier-designate Wab Kinew on Monday to discuss the province's priorities concerning the 137 municipalities that the organization speaks for.

Blight expressed that the meeting was an excellent start for AMM and the premier-designate to work together.

"I felt that there was a lot of common ground on certain priorities that we shared that we can be working towards as part of some common goals going forward. Overall, I feel it was a very positive and productive meeting." 

Blight says he wanted to hammer home the importance of the municipal funding formula to Kinew.

"We need to make sure we have predictable, stable funding going forward with a built-in escalator. That is something that's top of mind for all municipalities and that we need to have discussions on, and he (Kinew) is certainly committed to sitting down and discussing how that would look and how that would work. So, we're very encouraged by that."

Blight notes that infrastructure investment was also top of mind when talking with Manitoba's NDP leader.

"Municipalities truly are the backbone of this province and any growth that is required to accommodate the increase in population. The demands of the residents that are living here today, requires municipalities to have the proper infrastructure and resources to be able to ensure that people are receiving the services that they count on and that they need and deserve."

Blight emphasized that taxation is the sole means for municipalities to generate revenue at the moment.

"That is not enough to be able to provide the infrastructure that is needed to accommodate the increase in population growth and the economic investment that is knocking on our door." 

Blight conveyed his appreciation for the opportunity and time that premier-designate Kinew provided him to discuss the priorities of the municipalities.

"I look forward to working with him and his entire NDP government going forward." 

Wab Kinew and his new executive council will be officially sworn in next Wednesday, October 18, at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg.


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