A meteorologist with Environment Canada is cautioning us against getting our hopes up for Friday's forecast.

The current forecast calls for sunshine and 13 degrees for Steinbach on Friday. But, Natalie Hasell says in all honesty, she would be surprised if the mercury climbs above five degrees that day.

(Photo Credit: Jordan Funk)

"Take these warmer temperatures in the forecast with a grain of salt or two," suggests Hasell. "Maybe an entire pinch of salt."

Why is that? Well, Hasell says the two to five centimetres of snow that fell in Steinbach since Tuesday, will not help our chances.

"We can't get warm temperatures if you still have snow on the ground because the heat will go into the snow to melt it, not into the air to make it warm," explains Hasell. "So, I don't think the Friday forecast as it stands right now is going to work out."

If the forecast does hold true, Hasell says 13 degrees is still a long way off from the record high for April 1st in Steinbach. That record was set in 2015 when we reached 18 degrees. In fact, 13 degrees would just barely crack the top five warmest days ever recorded for April 1st.

Meanwhile, the trough of low pressure that caused the snow last night has now largely passed through the province. The centre of that low was all the way down in Nebraska on Tuesday afternoon.

In Steinbach, it resulted in snow, though some parts of the province saw rain or freezing rain.

In the wake of this system, temperatures will dip well below normal tonight, reaching -12 degrees. Hasell says a ridge of high pressure will settle over the area, producing a clear sky on Thursday and a high around the freezing mark.

Hasell says there is not much precipitation in the forecast for the next week, though they are tracking what could be a Colorado Low to clip the southeastern corner of the province next Wednesday.

Late March snowfall fills crevices in a wood pile in Steinbach. (Photo Credit: Jordan Funk)