The R.M. of La Broquerie has approved a $8.5 million budget.

This includes several capital projects, like the new fire hall and pumper truck for a combined $1.15 million.

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A rural residential home assessed at $194,143 will have an extra $37 added to the tax bill. A taxpayer with a home assessed at $215,216 in the LUD will pay an extra $40 this year.

There will be a bigger increase in taxes for commercial properties. An extra $119 will be added to taxes for a rural commercial property assessed at $428,400. In the LUD, a commercial property assessed at $541, 500 will have an increase of $147 added to the tax bill.

For a detailed look at the budget draft that was presented at the public hearing, click here.

The school tax portion has not been determined yet as school divisions have a few more days to finalize their budgets.