58 people have lost their lives on Manitoba roads so far this year, including 6 this week.  

Manitoba RCMP are highlighting that number during this long weekend and encouraging safe choices while on the roads. 

Posted on its social media page, “So many people are hurting right now because they lost a loved one. You can make a choice this weekend and help prevent another tragedy.  

“For your safety & for the safety of every person on our roads – please wear your seatbelt, put the phone down, drive sober & slow down.” 

Meanwhile, Springfield Police issued a $953.00 traffic ticket on Saturday afternoon at Birds Hill Park. 

Police report that an officer was at the park on another matter and saw a truck careen around a curve on South Drive at 129 km/h, an area where the posted speed limit is 60 km/h. 

In a post on social media, Springfield Police reported that “Upon the traffic stop, the driver told our officer he was passing a vehicle which he figured to be going 30 [km/h] in the 60 [km/h] zone.  

“It shouldn’t need to be said that one doesn’t need to accelerate a full 100 [km/h] faster than the vehicle one wants to pass in order to do so safely. A slow moving vehicle behind the high flier was not observed.” 

With the nice weather this long weekend, police noted that the parks are busy with pedestrians and cyclists

Along with the traffic ticket, the driver at Birds Hill Park was also issued a Serious Offence Notice to speak about the future of their license with MPI.