Niverville Collegiate

A 50 year milestone was celebrated in Niverville this week.  Principal Mike Koester says Niverville Collegiate's 50th anniversary celebration had a good turnout.  "There was a lot of old faces of former students and staff members and from all the emails and calls we are getting, people had a good time."

He adds there were some interesting people at the event including a former principal.  "Mr. Toews was the second principal of the school and it was really neat talking to him because he was able to give me some history in terms of the layout of the school and how it's changed.  There were things I wasn't even aware of and I've been here almost 30 years."

Koester says there have been significant changes over the years.  "In the 12 years I've been here as principal the job description and responsibility has really changed and when you look back 50 years certainly more things have changed.  The most significant change is this year we are now a grade six to twelve school.  For us that's been a very positive thing and it's re-invigorated our staff and student body and there has been a whole positive atmosphere and flow in the building."

He explains the school was originally built to be a grade 9-12 school.  "And then in 1969, grade seven and eights moved in.  In '78 they added the home economics and industrial arts area and in '91 they added two additional classes onto the senior wing.  And then this year we added four portables outside and now we are a grade six to 12 school."