Environment Canada has issued a Special Air Quality Statement due to wildfire smoke causing poor air quality and reduced visibility. 

According to the Manitoba Government website, there are 47 active forest fires in Manitoba and one of them is burning out of control. That one is located north of Grand Rapids. It was detected 23 days ago, on June 29, covering 18,562 hectares. 

Most of the forest fires, 35, are located in northern Manitoba, while eight are burning in the western region and four are located in eastern Manitoba.

Map of Manitoba forest fires.Image courtesy: www.gov.mb.ca/conservation_fire/Fire-Maps

Hazy conditions are expected to continue into Monday for Steinbach and area. 

Air quality and reduced visibility due to wildfire smoke can fluctuate over short distances and can vary considerably from hour to hour. 

Visit www.airhealth.ca for information on how to reduce your health risk and your personal contribution to pollution levels, as well as for current and forecast AQHI values.