A local supporter of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank says another record-breaking fundraiser is in the books.

Linden resident Deb Loewen canned and sold 335 jars filled with homemade goodness such as ketchup, rhubarb sauce, enchilada sauce and pickled beets. That's 60 more jars than what she canned last year.

combined equals $12,250 that will go to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank toward projects that are aimed at ending world hunger.

While drought conditions resulted in less produce from her garden, Loewen offers her perspective on that.

Tomatoes donated in fall allowed Deb Loewen to can ketchup and enchilada sauce which helped her reach record-breaking donations for CFGB. (submitted photo)

"A drought for us still is not as drastic an event, as it is, let's say in some of the third world or developing countries where the funds eventually end up, right?"

Supporters of the annual canning drive dropped off donations of fruits and vegetables which allowed Loewen to get extra canning done and fill some special requests for ketchup and enchilada sauce.

At the end of it all, Loewen said she had some outstanding costs that were covered by a generous donation from a friend.

That friend also covered the cost of jars for next year’s canning drive.