A young Steinbacher has been making connections with the homeless in her community.

12-year-old Emily Arsenault had noticed someone wandering the streets near her home. She began building a relationship with the homeless man she’s nicknamed ‘Joe’ for privacy reasons.

"I did get him like a second-hand rain jacket and suit so he doesn't have to wear like a trash bag and we have a bin of food by our front door that I can quickly grab if I see him."

Emily’s family is now involved in helping to reach out to ‘Joe’. Trevor Arsenault, Emily’s father, is very proud of his daughter who has a 'heart for the homeless'.

"She's always cognizant of what's happening around her and is able to see the people that typically are invisible in the community as well too. It's really encouraging to see that she is kind of picking up on some of that stuff."

While ‘Joe’ is not fluent in English, Emily has still been able to have short conversations with him.

"I think that it's good to connect with everybody, and even if they don't have a home, I think that they should still have people that they can talk to."