The Rural Municipality of La Broquerie is putting some money toward drainage projects this year. This includes improvement to some of the ditches. 

Reeve Lewis Weiss hopes to increase water retention areas to alleviate flooding. 

"If we can drain out some of these retention areas in the dry times that way when the big rain events happen, we have a place to store it,” he says. “In the meanwhile, we have a lot of areas to the south of us where they're completely full year-round. I've been, in the past, working with the province and the conservation district to try to solve some of these problems but it's not a quick thing.” 

Weiss says they are consulting with other groups to improve water management in the municipality. 

“The ones that are more local, along our municipal areas, we work with the conservation district and some of the local neighboring municipalities and then it's worked quite well in the past to solve some of those problems,” he says. 

Diamond construction was awarded the contract this year with a bid of $109,300.