Council for the Rural Municipality of Hanover has a Youth Member again.

Austyn Dawydiuk, a grade ten student from Grunthal, attended her first council meeting this last Wednesday.

"It was interesting," she says. "There is a lot of different views that people have and I think that it is going to be a good experience to learn new things."

Dawydiuk says she enjoys social studies and learning about politics and so the position of Youth Member interests her.

"I don't know if I have future goals that are with politics but I've always had interest in it," says Dawydiuk. "And I just think it's a new thing that would be fun to do."

As a Youth Member, she is allowed to engage in discussion but does not have voting power. The position is worth school credit if Dawydiuk completes 110 hours.

"They said that I can stay pretty much till I'm tired of them," jokes Dawydiuk.

Peyton Kehler of Mitchell, the most recent Youth Member, saw her term end in August.