Glen Pederson, Mike Baziuk and the new ownership of Steinbach Bowling Alley want to bring bowling to Steinbach youth aged 11 to 19. 

“What we're trying to do is get more youth involved in bowling and teaching them how to bowl the proper way, the proper etiquette and give them experience bowling,” Pederson said. 

Through Youth Bowling Canada, those who sign up get a special booklet which includes a tracker for different accomplishments, a free bring-a-buddy bowling pass and other information and events. There will be national championships held in Saskatchewan next spring and other tournaments along the way. 

“It gets them [youth] involved in all kinds of things, and the chances to work together or to work individually,” Pederson said. “Either way, it's a beautiful sport.” 

The result of this year’s program will determine future plans for youth bowling in Steinbach.  

“If this works out well for us, we're hoping by next year, possibly the year after, then we'll have another group of children, as well, called the Bantams and that's for 10 and under.” 

If you’re interested in registering and learning more about the program, Pederson will be at Clearspring Mall on Saturday, September 17, near Sobeys, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.