True, high-speed internet service for rural Manitobans is a reality, thanks to Xplore. Now those who prefer a more pastoral lifestyle can enjoy the same internet speeds as their urban counterparts.  

Over the past year, Xplore has begun rolling out 5G and 100% pure fibre service to rural communities across Canada and Manitoba’s residents and businesses are among the first to benefit. According to Rhonda Adair, Xplore’s District Sales Manager for Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “I’m hearing that the new 5G towers are spectacular.” People are getting speeds they could only dream of before with 5G and Xplore’s new fibre service is a hit as well. “We actually have some really good testimonials from our customers who are wowed by the fibre service and the speeds that they are getting.” 

One of Xplore Fibre’s clients in Kleefeld said, “We have a couple of gamers and have Xplore Fibre. It's amazing and such a good price right now.” 

Xplore Fibre is 100% pure fibre internet. It’s the fastest internet technology available, delivering upload and download speeds up to one gigabit. For rural internet users it’s like being unchained from a turtle and hitched to a comet. Now they can enjoy unlimited usage and an ultra-reliable connection. Multiple users and devices can connect at the same time. While one person is gaming, another can be streaming, and someone else can be in a video call. Xplore Fibre is a ultra-fast service your entire household can rely on. 

Some of the communities around Steinbach that now have access to fibre Internet include: Kleefeld, Grunthal, La Broquerie, Kokomo, Wolf, Dufresne, Linden, New Bothwell, Otterburne, rural Mitchell, rural Kleefeld, and rural Grunthal,  

Xplore isn’t done re-inventing rural internet either, Adair claims Xplore is fully committed to the continuing evolution of an improved broadband experience for Canadians. “Xplore is building a world-class fibre optic and 5G wireless network to enable innovative broadband services for better everyday rural living, for today and for future generations.” These are words rural internet users have longed to hear for decades. Xplore’s responsibility to rural communities is something they don’t take lightly. 

As part of their commitment to rural communities, Xplore partnered with Country 107’s Ten Town Tour. They want everyone who has suffered with slow speeds and intermittent service to know that those bad times are over. But, it’s more than that. Xplore is also keen to invest in the communities they serve. The company has helped out with donations to minor sports programs as well as many other local organizations. Adair says it’s about investing in the future. “Well, I think our youth are the foundation of building the future, and it’s really, really important that we invest in that and we invest in our communities.” She elaborates, “I think it's really important to be down there in the grassroots and really let your customers know that you support their everyday living, and you support their initiatives in the community.” 

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