Fog seems to be more of an issue this January, rather than the significant snowfall that closed schools during January 2022. 

There were three snow days that month, and semester exams were cancelled in both the Seine River and Hanover school divisions. 

This year, students can expect a return to normal exam schedules. 

Ryan Anderson, Superintendent of the Seine River School Division, says they have adjusted procedures around school closures and the expectations of teaching staff and the division office. 

“Going back to a model that's more pre-COVID if you will,” he says. “And made some adjustments that way. We've also improved internal notification systems when it comes to notifying staff of closures.” 

Extreme winter weather can trigger school closures, and that can certainly impact the January exam schedule. 

Anderson is confident they are prepared to handle various weather situations that may arise. 

“As it relates to the upcoming exam season, I think we just move forward and do the best we can, and we worry about what we can control. I suppose, if inclement weather becomes a factor to consider during exam time, then we look to make adjustments accordingly.” 

The snow days were not directly responsible for the cancellation of January exams last year

COVID-19 and absenteeism numbers played a key role in that decision. This year, schools have mostly returned to pre-pandemic activities and students can expect a more ‘normal’ January exam schedule.