15-year-old Ty Brewster has been tearing it up on golf courses all over the Southeast and now, he's taking his game to the next having made Team Manitoba.

"It's been huge," says Brewster. "A lot more practices during the winter and in the summer of course. It's going to make me a better golfer."

Already a better golfer than most, Brewster says there is still room for him to grow and Team Manitoba is going to help in a big way. "A lot more weight training, getting strong, getting faster with my swing. All the little things, tweaking things, and tweaking my swing."

It's not just the physical side of things, but Brewster says it's the mental side as well. "It's one of the hardest things to do in golf, keeping your cool after hitting a bad shot. I'm excited to work with (mental coaches), for sure."

It's going to be a busy golf season for Brewster. "Right as the golf courses open, it's me on the course 6-times a week. There are tournaments every other week it seems, so it'll be busy but it will be fun."

Through all the rounds, Brewster says it's important for him to remember golf is fun. "I would say if I'm playing 5 rounds of golf, 2 are for fun. I'll play with my dad or my friends and it's a great balance because I can play a hole serious but then I can have some fun around it, too. It's a perfect balance."

Brewster says for players of any age looking to lower their score, there's a part of the game that needs to be dialed in. "The short game. Anyone can hit long or hit on the green but when you get on the green, you need to work on your putting. Putt for dough."