If your tulips and garlic did not get planted this fall, take appropriate steps now to prepare for spring planting. 

In Manitoba, garlic and tulips should ideally be planted after the middle of September and before the ground freezes. 

Lawn and Garden Journal host Carla Hyrcyna says it is not a lost cause if we miss the window for fall planting. 

“Chill them in the fridge,” she says. “Keep them in a cool area. Maybe you have a fridge that's in the basement or somewhere that's just away from some of the potatoes and onions that are there.” 

Hyrcyna says it is important to chill them before getting them in the ground in early spring. 

With the forecast calling for snowy and rainy weather this week, Hyrcyna suggests giving the garden shed and greenhouse a quick cleaning now so it will be ready in spring when you are eager to get growing. 

“This is where you're wanting to do a really good sweep out of cobwebs and maybe put a little bit of a bleach and water solution on some of those tables so that you're able to get a little bit disinfectant happening,” she says. 

Hyrcyna also suggests oiling the garden tools now to prevent them from getting rusty during the winter months.